Robot Responds to Natural Language Instructions, Brings You Fancy Ice Cream


Robots like to have detailed instructions about everything: if you want a scoop of ice cream, they need to know what ice cream is, where it is, how to open it, what to scoop it out with, how to grip the scoop, how to perform the scooping action, how to verify that the scoop was successful, how to get the ice cream from the scoop into a—oh wait, we forgot about the bowl, the robot has to have all the bowl stuff figured out in advance.


And there's the problem: "get me a scoop of ice cream" is actually an incredibly complicated chain of actions that need to be executed in just the right way, and no human has the patience to spell it all out like a robot would want.


Cornell is trying to fix this problem by teaching robots to interpret natural language instructions, even casual ones, so that a PR2 can bring you some fancy ice cream.


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