New BeetleCam Adds Video, Gyros for More Death-Defying Animal Spying



William Burrard-Lucas, a U.K. wildlife photographer, started working on a lion-pestering robot called BeetleCam four or five years ago. Essentially, it's a remote-controlled DSLR on wheels. There's a new generation of BeetleBot that now includes a video camera, and a forthcoming upgrade that mounts the entire setup on a gyro-stabilised camera gimbal. 


BeetleCam may have started off as a sort of DIY project, but it's commercially available now, armored lion-proof carapace included. It's got four-wheel drive, can be controlled out to 500 meters, includes a battery that should last for a day of shooting, and can be rigged up for a remote control camera feed. The cost is $2,700 and up.




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