Electroadhesion: the Next Best Thing to Duct Tape?


A California-based company that specializes in electrostatics, Grabit, recently published several demo videos online to demonstrate the application potential and possibilities of electroadhesion—such as using it on robotic arms to “grab” items of different types, sizes and shapes, or equipping flying drones with it to “pick up” and distribute parcels.


As we can see from the video, the test items are not necessarily electrically conductive.  Be it a cardboard box or an apple, the flexible “fingers” can adapt to the shape and pick them up without apparent problems.   


The “fingers” are actually electrodes that can produce alternating electric charges, which will then generate opposite charges on the target surface, and thus “stick” them together to form a strong hold—which comes in pretty handy anywhere you can think of that needs a “grip" without sticky residue.







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