First All-Robot Servicing “Bionic Bar” Made Sail



This November, Royal Caribbean launched their latest cruise line, the futuristic ship "Quantum of the Seas.”  Ths "smart" ship promises state-of-the-art high-tech entertainment venues, interior staterooms with “virtual balconies” to display real-time sea views, and various themed eateries.  However, the pearl of all offerings is the Bionic Bar, in which two robot bartenders alone fix all the drinks to wow the passengers.




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In the Bionic Bar, the robotic duo streamlines the whole process, slicing lemons, shaking and stirring drinks efficiently with the best of them.  With an extensive repertoire from the all-time classic Long Island Iced Tea to the in-house specialty Bionic Blast, the robot barkeeps take orders from a set of tablets, on which customers can specify ingredients to taste for their own cocktails.


Customers can also monitor their waiting time countdown, ponder over menu suggestions, and browse “most popular drinks of the day” statistics on the large surrounding screens lining the walls.




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Makr Shakr, the company that designed this robot-based bar system, argues that the value of this unique experience is actually to “empower people to make decisions,” namely allowing people to call all the shots throughout the mixing process.  Since the robot bartenders can customize on demand numerous cocktail recipes with precision, they offer almost endless combinations and options to delight and satisfy every taste.  


“If you want, the robot is only an extension of your arm,” said Carlo Ratti in an interview, co-founder and advisor of the company.






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