The Pocket Drone! A Portable Unmanned Aerial Vehicle!

Nowadays, aerial photography is a very common technology. However, the technology of aerial photography has not been extended to the private domain. The main reasons which cause the low-developed of the private aerial photography are the high price, hard to use and low maintainability.  Facing the challenge of the unmaneed aerial vehicle, Team AirDroids has made a great breakthrough in this area.


Team AirDorids created a pocket copter, Pocket Drone, which has some key features:


1. Unique cutting-edge collapsible compact design 2. Easy to fly and simple to maintain 3. Lightweight with maximum payload 4. Ready to fly (RTF) with everything you need out of the box and

    quick to deploy 5. Advanced software and systems with autopilot and "follow me"

    mode 6. Longest flight time of any multicopter under $500 7. High quality materials and components 8. Upgradeable, expandable and hackable 9. Designed with multiple safety features




Team AirDorids not only expects that this micorcopter can make the history of aerial photography progress, but also hopes the pocket copter  users can share their beautiful photos with other people.

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