Socket is an interface for two-way network communication. It is mainly divided into two types: TCP and UDP. Sockets are different according to the protocol.
The Python function is used to execute the python file.
Timer is used to calculate how long it takes to execute a program, such as how long it takes to calculate the page. The method of use is quite simple.
Loop is a common control process that repeats certain steps until the condition is reached and can be jumped out.
If refers to the conditional expression, whether the condition is met, and if it is satisfied, it will do the specified thing.
This article will introduce and demonstrate how to use it, users can integrate functions to the required places according to their needs.
The Image contains two files that demonstrate how to create an image and capture two solutions for the full screen.
OpenVINO is Intel's software framework for deep learning inference running on Intel's hardware (CPU, GPU...) to optimize execution performance.
.flow is the flow file format.
Functions of R7 Libraries.
Open Robot Language is the programming language for A. I. robot.
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