The panda robot is designed and manufactured by LEADERG intern who is also working on this project with an ambitious team of Bio-Industrial Mechatronics Engineering (BI
LEADERG Co. Ltd. sponsored the 2013 Field Robot Competition, not only in support of the event with financial resources, but also the good hope to bring up new generatio
The Taiwan Ideas Show is held between July 24 and July 25, 2013. LEADERG is classified as the top 6 in the 2013 Ideas Show Plus for releasing the L4 Marsball Robot Proj
USTV: Introducing Marsball and the Algorithm Engineer
LEADERG Co. Ltd. develops the RLMI app to streamline the examination process on the production line of Roland Corp. With the iPod build-in camera, RLMI integrates barco
The Marsball Project involves two main domains of the voice-recognition related market. The first domain is the voice-recognition and voice-interaction area; the second
The 7th Robot Japan competition took place last weekend at the Buddhist Hall of Tokyo. Like school carnival, events include dance, marathon, kung-fu, etc. Robot Japan l
Charlie is an ape-like robot that is being developed by German scientists. The robot can walk on four legs and also can stand on two legs. The next step will teach the
Canadian engineers and innovators are spending 3 years working on creating a human-controlled walking 'anti-robot' called Prosthesis. The driver will sit in t
ZenRobotics Recycler is a robotic waste sorting system. It uses multiple sensors inputs that can classify and sort the garbage into separate piles for recycling. If up
An animatronic "devil baby" in a remote controlled stroller goes on a rampage through the streets of New York City and hidden cameras record people's rea
RoboSimian is the robot that the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's official use in the DARPA Robotics Challenge. Inspired by simian, RoboSimian is four-footed, but can a
ANGELINA is an AI that made by Michael Cook, a PhD student. This AI can create computer games autonomously and has been designing games for a while. Like <To That Se
It's a robot that puts an iPad atop a pendulum balancing device. Remote workers can join the video conferencing anywhere. The height design and mobility make more
Parrot debuted two new bots. One is a miniature drone piloted - MiniDrone, and the other is the first robot-insect - Jumping Sumo. MiniDrone not only could fly, but cou
Andrew Ng (Stanford University) is building robots. He shared his experience and future expectation.
Compared with Sphero Robotic Ball, Sphero 2B with only 2 points of contact can be fast and maneuverable. Developers could connect iOS or Android devices via Bluetooth L
NASA is experimenting with Microsoft’s Xbox One Kinect and Oculus Rift VR helmet to control devices for space robots. Future work will translate the research to the Rob
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