ANGELINA is an AI that made by Michael Cook, a PhD student. This AI can create computer games autonomously and has been designing games for a while. Like <To That Se
It's a robot that puts an iPad atop a pendulum balancing device. Remote workers can join the video conferencing anywhere. The height design and mobility make more
Parrot debuted two new bots. One is a miniature drone piloted - MiniDrone, and the other is the first robot-insect - Jumping Sumo. MiniDrone not only could fly, but cou
Andrew Ng (Stanford University) is building robots. He shared his experience and future expectation.
Compared with Sphero Robotic Ball, Sphero 2B with only 2 points of contact can be fast and maneuverable. Developers could connect iOS or Android devices via Bluetooth L
NASA is experimenting with Microsoft’s Xbox One Kinect and Oculus Rift VR helmet to control devices for space robots. Future work will translate the research to the Rob
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