This image_pcb_defectdetection_ssd512_caffe is the use of the Caffe framework. Speed is more than twice times faster than Keras.
This solution of Image_PCB_SSD512_Caffe is implemented by Caffe framework and SSD512 (Single Shot MultiBox Detector).
This Image-Object-Detection-ResNet152-SSD512-Caffe is based on the deep learning Caffe framework.
Users only need to run the py file through the graphical interface to learn from a given conversation and reply to the corresponding response in the corresponding situa
The function of Output is the content printed in the "DOS window". The printed content can be integer (int), bool, float, double-precision floating-point (dou
The COM Library library contains the following functions, as shown in Figure. This library is mainly used for serial data transfer. Currently, it only supports RS-232 f
CGI is a technology for network communication. After requesting data from a web browser through a web browser, a specific CGI program is sent back to the browser.
Barcode related functions, such as parsing barcodes.
This function includes Video movie; image opening, creation, copy display, storage related function; image basic operation; image drawing related, etc.
The function of ImagePro library is mainly for image processing, conversion, filtering, finding endpoints, composing image groups, etc.
The function library of the Image library mainly includes functions such as image reading, processing, filtering, display, etc.
Image_PCB_YOLOv3_Keras is the use of Keras's YOLO third version-yolov3 to judge the target for category, detection.
The Caffe Library of ORAI contains 25 functions, which can be used for image classification, object detection, numerical prediction, time series data prediction.
For an example of using HttpServer, you can refer to the documentation of HttpServer_DeepLearning in the folder ORAI/solution.
A function library related to strings. Contains string addition, merge two strings, copy the string, copy the string to another string.
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