Build your very own drink mixing robot! Ready to get a drink?
Let's hit the road and nobody's gonna drive!
2014/05/24-25 Maker Faire in Taipei
Different from the large two-legged running robot, OutRunner runs on 6 legs, and its size is like a remote control car.
Techno-illusionist Marco Tempest shows off his magician's assistant, EDI, the multi-purpose robot.
The CUDA 6 Production Release is now available for download at nvidia's website.
Transcendence, the latest science fiction film, is about implications of artificial intelligence.
Global Forest Watch (GFW) is a dynamic online monitoring system that provides near real-time forest information on worldwide deforestation.
Six-legged underwater robot from South Korea helps search for missing passengers of the Sunken Ferry.
Scientists dedicate to develop robots behavior like human, but robot dancers try to make their movements as machines.
Pneupard is a quadruped robot which Osaka University has developed. It features air-powered limbs instead of using actuators or motors.
Patrick Priebe, a German laser-weapons hobbyist, built an electromagnetic spiderman web shooter.
Boston Dynamics, one of the companies that Google bought, has developed many outstanding robots since 1992. Unlike Big Dog or Atlas huge robot, SandFlea is a small one
TagMe is a project consists of a wearable device from MIT Media Lab.
Designer Ivan Henriques developed a prototype for an symbiotic machine which can harvest energy from photosynthetic organisms.
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