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LEADERG AI ZOO provides a variety of useful artificial intelligence algorithms and solutions, which can be applied to product defect detection, medical image analysis, artificial intelligence teaching, crime detection and prevention, access control attendance, health care, public safety, etc.





[ Architecture ]








[ Features ]


    • Software with Python, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, OpenVINO, OpenCV, etc.


    • Support deep learning


    • Support AI algorithms


    • Support image processing


    • Support many image analysis methods


    • Support template comparison


    • Support object analysis


    • Support barcode recognition


    • Support QR code


    • Support multi-core and multi-processor computers


    • Support GPU acceleration


    • Support custom libraries


    • No need to upload data to public cloud


    • Subscription edition is with fair price





[ Supported Operating Systems ]


Choose one of these two:


    •  Windows 10 64 bit


    •  Ubuntu Linux 18.04 64 bit




[ Hardware Requirements ]


    • Intel x64 CPU with AVX2 instruction set


    • 16 GB RAM or higher


    • 100 GB of free space on a disk


    • Screen resolution is 1280 x 720 or higher


    • Mouse or other pointing device


    • NVIDIA GPU with CUDA support. (GPU memory 16 GB or higher is required)


    • Intel Movidius Myriad X. (Option for Acceleration)




[ Software Advantages ]



    • Update for the latest algorithms every week


    • Easy to get started. Development integration is fast


    • Applications: semiconductor industry, panel industry, petrochemical industry, PCB industry, school lessons, etc.


    • Won the champion in the International AI Competition. The prize is 100K USD.


    • Support Python, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras. With CPU and GPU support.


    • With verified deep learning solutions: SSD, VGG, ResNet, YOLOv3, MaskRCNN, data analysis, stock forecast, etc.




[ Edition Description ]



LEADERG AI ZOO - Subscription Edition: 


Advanced algorithms and solutions.


Ready for commercial applications.


Fair price with many solutions.





[ How to Buy LEADERG AI ZOO Subscription Edition ]


Please contact us for quotation:


Email: openrobot@openrobot.org




[ Subscription Solution ]


Jupyter Lab Solutions Description
Jupyter-Chatterbot Chatbot
Jupyter-COM Serial port
Jupyter-CURL Using the CURL library to fetching web pages 
Jupyter-Data-Conv1D-Keras Data analysis using a 1D convolutional neural network
Jupyter-Data-Dense-Sin-PyTorch Using Densenet to learn Sine wave and inference
Jupyter-Data-Dense-Stock-PyTorch Using XGBoost to predict stocks
Jupyter-Data-Gradient-Boosting-Classification Using Gradient-Boosting to predict Titanic survivors
Jupyter-Data-Gradient-Boosting-Regression Using Gradient-Boosting to predict Boston house prices
Jupyter-Data-JSON Using Python to read in json, print out json, and write to output.json
Jupyter-Data-LightGBM-Classification Using LightGBM to predict Titanic survivors
Jupyter-Data-LightGBM-Regression Using LightGBM to predict Boston house prices
Jupyter-Data-LSTM-Keras Using LSTM to predict stock prices
Jupyter-Data-LSTM-PyTorch Using PyTorch LSTM to predict stock prices
Jupyter-Data-Matplot-Stock Python, plotting data
Jupyter-Data-Read-Write-CSV Python, read and store CSV data
Jupyter-Data-Read-Write-Excel Python, read and store Excel data
Jupyter-Data-Regression-Forest Forecasting Boston house prices with Regression-Forest
Jupyter-Data-Regression-Forest-Sin Forecasting Sinusoid with Regression-Forest
Jupyter-Data-Regression-Forest-Stock Forecasting Stock with Regression-Forest
Jupyter-Data-Taiwan-Mask Check the information on the stock of masks of the Taiwan pharmacy
Jupyter-Data-XGBoost-Classification Using XGBoost to predict Titanic survivors
Jupyter-Data-XGBoost-GPU-Test XGBoost GPU Test
Jupyter-Data-XGBoost-Regression Using XGBoost to predict Boston house prices
Jupyter-Data-XGBoost-Regression-Stock-Taiwan Using XGBoost to predict stock prices
Jupyter-File-Download Download file and display progress bar
Jupyter-for Python for Loop Example
Jupyter-Function-Call Python call function example
Jupyter-Hello-World Python print example
Jupyter-Http-Server-Flask Python Flask, a lightweight web application framework
Jupyter-Http-Server-Object-Detection-VGG16-SSD300-Keras-PCB Http Server PCB Defect Detection Example
Jupyter-Http-Server-Object-Detection-VGG16-SSD300-Keras-VOC Http Server VOC Object Detection Example
Jupyter-if Python If example
Jupyter-Image-Barcode Read 1D and 2D barcodes
Jupyter-Image-Barcode-Generator Generate 1D barcodes
Jupyter-Image-Classification-AlexNet-PyTorch Classification of steel plate defects with PyTorch AlexNet
Jupyter-Image-Classification-Attention-PyTorch Classification of steel plate defects with PyTorch Attention
Jupyter-Image-Classification-DenseNet-Keras-OCR Recognize characters with DenseNet
Jupyter-Image-Classification-DenseNet121-PyTorch Classification of steel plate defects with PyTorch DenseNet121
Jupyter-Image-Classification-EfficientNet-PyTorch Classification of steel plate defects with PyTorch EfficientNet
Jupyter-Image-Classification-GoogleNet-PyTorch Classification of steel plate defects with PyTorch GoogleNet
Jupyter-Image-Classification-InceptionV2-PyTorch Classification of steel plate defects with PyTorch InceptionV2
Jupyter-Image-Classification-InceptionV3-CAM-PyTorch Use InceptionV3 and Class Activation Mapping visualization to classify images under PyTorch.
Jupyter-Image-Classification-InceptionV3-PyTorch Classification of steel plate defects with PyTorch InceptionV3
Jupyter-Image-Classification-InceptionV4-PyTorch Classification of steel plate defects with PyTorch InceptionV4
Jupyter-Image-Classification-Inception_ResNet_v1-PyTorch Classification of steel plate defects with PyTorch Inception_ResNet_v1
Jupyter-Image-Classification-Inception_ResNet_v2-PyTorch Classification of steel plate defects with PyTorch Inception_ResNet_v2
Jupyter-Image-Classification-MNASNet-PyTorch Classification of steel plate defects with PyTorch MNASNet
Jupyter-Image-Classification-MobileNetV1-PyTorch Classification of steel plate defects with PyTorch MobileNetV1
Jupyter-Image-Classification-MobileNetV2-PyTorch Classification of steel plate defects with PyTorch MobileNetV2
Jupyter-Image-Classification-MobileNetV3-PyTorch Classification of steel plate defects with PyTorch MobileNetV3
Jupyter-Image-Classification-PreactresNet18-PyTorch Classification of steel plate defects with PyTorch PreactresNet18
Jupyter-Image-Classification-Resnet_in_Resnet-PyTorch Classification of steel plate defects with PyTorch Resnet_in_Resnet
Jupyter-Image-Classification-ResNet50-PyTorch Classification of steel plate defects with PyTorch ResNet50
Jupyter-Image-Classification-ResNeXt101-PyTorch Classification of steel plate defects with PyTorch ResNeXt101
Jupyter-Image-Classification-SENet-PyTorch Classification of steel plate defects with PyTorch SENet
Jupyter-Image-Classification-ShuffleNetV1-PyTorch Classification of steel plate defects with PyTorch ShuffleNetV1
Jupyter-Image-Classification-ShuffleNetV2-PyTorch Classification of steel plate defects with PyTorch ShuffleNetV2
Jupyter-Image-Classification-SqueezeNet-PyTorch Classification of steel plate defects with PyTorch SqueezeNet
Jupyter-Image-Classification-VGG16-PyTorch Classification of steel plate defects with PyTorch VGG16
Jupyter-Image-Classification-Xception-PyTorch Classification of steel plate defects with PyTorch Xception
Jupyter-Image-FaceNet FaceNet face recognition
Jupyter-Image-Human-Pose-PyTorch Detect human posture
Jupyter-Image-Object-Detection-DETR-PyTorch PyTorch DETR for detecting surface defects on PCB
Jupyter-Image-Object-Detection-EfficientDet-Keras Keras EfficientDet for detecting surface defects on steel plates
Jupyter-Image-Object-Detection-FasterRCNN-Keras Keras FasterRCNN for detecting surface defects on steel plates
Jupyter-Image-Object-Detection-MobileNetV1-SSD300-PyTorch PyTorch MobileNetV1-SSD300 for detecting surface defects on steel plates
Jupyter-Image-Object-Detection-MobileNetV1-SSD512-PyTorch PyTorch MobileNetV1-SSD512 for detecting surface defects on steel plates
Jupyter-Image-Object-Detection-MobileNetV2-SSD300-PyTorch PyTorch MobileNetV2-SSD300 for detecting surface defects on steel plates
Jupyter-Image-Object-Detection-MobileNetV2-SSD512-PyTorch PyTorch MobileNetV2-SSD512 for detecting surface defects on steel plates
Jupyter-Image-Object-Detection-MobileNetV3-SSD300-PyTorch PyTorch MobileNetV3-SSD300 for detecting surface defects on steel plates
Jupyter-Image-Object-Detection-MobileNetV3-SSD512-PyTorch PyTorch MobileNetV3-SSD512 for detecting surface defects on steel plates
Jupyter-Image-Object-Detection-ResNet50-SSD300-PyTorch PyTorch ResNet50-SSD300 for detecting surface defects on steel plates
Jupyter-Image-Object-Detection-VGG16-SSD300-Keras Keras VGG16-SSD300 for detecting surface defects on steel plates
Jupyter-Image-Object-Detection-VGG16-SSD512-Keras Keras VGG16-SSD512 for detecting surface defects on steel plates
Jupyter-Image-Object-Detection-VGG16-SSD512-PyTorch PyTorch VGG16-SSD512 for detecting surface defects on steel plates
Jupyter-Image-Object-Detection-YOLOv3-CPP YOLOv3 for detecting PCB defects
Jupyter-Image-Object-Detection-YOLOv3-Keras Keras YOLOv3 for detecting surface defects on steel plates
Jupyter-Image-Object-Detection-YOLOv4-CPP YOLOv4 for detecting surface defects on steel plates
Jupyter-Image-OCR Python. Character recognition with Tesseract-OCR
Jupyter-Image-OpenCV-Binarize Python. OpenCV image binarization
Jupyter-Image-OpenCV-Blob Python OpenCV Blob. binary image geometry extraction and separation
Jupyter-Image-OpenCV-Capture-Image Python OpenCV. Continuously capture images from webcam and display on screen
Jupyter-Image-OpenCV-Gray Python OpenCV. Read the color image file of input.png and convert it to grayscale and display it on the screen
Jupyter-Image-OpenCV-Read-Write-Image-File Python OpenCV. Reads input.png and saves it as output.jpg
Jupyter-Image-OpenPose-PyTorch Detect human posture
Jupyter-Image-QRcode-Generator Generate QR code barcode
Jupyter-Image-Screen-Capture Python. After capturing the desktop screen, save it to output.png
Jupyter-Image-Segmentation-MaskRCNN-Keras Image instance segmentation with  MaskRCNN
Jupyter-Image-Segmentation-UNet-Keras Image semantic segmentation drugs using UNet
Jupyter-Image-Stitching Image stitching using brisk feature extraction algorithm
Jupyter-Keyboard Python. Send keyboard signal
Jupyter-Model-Keras-to-ONNX Convert Keras model to ONNX model
Jupyter-Model-ONNX-To-OpenVINO Convert ONNX model to OpenVINO model
Jupyter-Model-ONNX-To-TensorRT Convert ONNX model to TensorRT model
Jupyter-Model-PyTorch-To-ONNX Convert PyTorch model to ONNX model
Jupyter-Model-TensorFlow-To-ONNX Convert TensorFlow model to ONNX model
Jupyter-Model-View-Netron Show model architecture
Jupyter-Model-YOLOv3-CPP-to-OpenVINO Convert YOLOv3 CPP model to OpenVINO model
Jupyter-Model-YOLOv4-CPP-to-PyTorch Convert YOLOv4 CPP model to PyTorch model
Jupyter-Mouse Python. Send a command to move the mouse
Jupyter-MySQL Python. MySQL connection, delete, modify, query data

OpenVINO example

Image_Crossroad_Camera Image_Gaze_Estimation Image_Human_Pose_Estimation Image_Interactive_Face_Detection Image_Mask_RCNN Image_Multi_Channel_Face_Detection Image_Multi_Channel_Human_Pose_Estimation Image_Multi_Channel_Object_Detection_YOLOv3 Image_Object_Detection_Faster_Rcnn Image_Object_Detection_YOLOv3 Image_Pedestrian_Tracker Image_Security_Barrier_Camera Image_Segmentation Image_Smart_Classroom Image_Super_Resolution Image_Super_Resolution_Text Image_Text_Detection Image_Text_Recognition

Jupyter-PySide2 Python PySide2
Jupyter-PyTorch-CUDA-Test PyTorch CUDA Test
Jupyter-Quote Python Quote
Jupyter-SMTP Python. Simple Mail Transfer
Jupyter-Sound-Play-Music Python. Play mp3
Jupyter-Sound-Play-Sound Python. Play wav
Jupyter-Sound-Spectrogram Python. Sound spectrum
Jupyter-Speech-To-Text Python. Speech to text
Jupyter-TensorFlow-CUDA-Test Python TensorFlow CUDA Test

TensorRT example














Jupyter-Text-To-Speech Python. Text-to-speech
Jupyter-Thread Python. Thread example
Jupyter-while Python. While example




[ Price List ]


one year authorization with one year update:  USD 2,000(tax is not included)




[ Education Training ]


We provide paid education training.




[ Software Comparison ]



  LEADERG AI ZOO Halcon Cognex eVision
Overall Performance High Normal Normal Normal

Overall Cost

Low High High Normal
AI Image Algorithm Many Less Less Less
Traditional Image Algorithm Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bar code recognition Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sound Algorithm Yes No No No
Chatterbot Yes No No No
Open Source Yes No No No




[ Software Download ]



If you are our customer, please send activation code to us by using email for software download link.


Email: openrobot@openrobot.org



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