ORAI - AI Software - Subscription Edition (1 year authorization with 1 year update)
Price: USD2,100


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ORAI makes AI Easy!





[ Architecture ]




ORAI Architecture-20200226-2.png




[ Features ]


    • Software with Python, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, OpenVINO, OpenCV, etc.


    • Support deep learning


    • Support AI algorithms


    • Support image processing


    • Support many image analysis methods


    • Support template comparison


    • Support object analysis


    • Support barcode recognition


    • Support QR code


    • Support multi-core and multi-processor computers


    • Support GPU acceleration


    • Support custom libraries


    • No need to upload data to public cloud


    • Subscription edition is with fair price





[ Supported Operating Systems ]


Choose one of these two:


    •  Windows 10 64 bit


    •  Ubuntu Linux 18.04 64 bit




[ Hardware Requirements ]


    • Intel x64 CPU with AVX2 instruction set


    • 4 GB RAM or higher


    • 100 GB of free space on a disk


    • Screen resolution is 1280 x 720 or higher


    • Mouse or other pointing device


    • NVIDIA GPU with CUDA support. (Option for Acceleration)


    • Intel Movidius Myriad X. (Option for Acceleration)




[ Software Advantages ]



    • Update for the latest algorithms every week


    • Easy to get started. Development integration is fast


    • Applications: semiconductor industry, panel industry, petrochemical industry, PCB industry, school lessons, etc.


    • Won the champion in the International AI Competition. The prize is 100K USD.


    • Support Python, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras. With CPU and GPU support.


    • With verified deep learning solutions: SSD, VGG, ResNet, YOLOv3, MaskRCNN, data analysis, stock forecast, etc.




[ Edition Description ]



ORAI Subscription Edition: 


Advanced algorithms and solutions.


Ready for commercial applications.


Fair price with many solutions.



ORAI Project Edition: 


Customized algorithms and solutions.


Ready for commercial applications.


Fair price.





[ How to Buy ORAI Subscription Edition and Project Edition ]


Please contact us for quotation:


Email: openrobot@openrobot.org






[ Technical Support ]



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